Foto: D.Wildenberg / Historic Monoposto Racing

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The series of large and powerful formula racing cars of recent years brings the popular era of formula motorsport back to the racetrack.

The designation "BOSS" stands for Big Open Single Seaters, which means something like: Only the big and powerful formula racing cars of recent years are permitted here. In addition to the Formula 1 cars of recent years, the BOSS GP racing series is also open to Formula 2, IndyCar, World Series by Renault and A1 GP, among others.

BOSS GP is the fastest racing series in Europe

The throaty eight-cylinder sound of the GP2 cars, the no less exciting sounding power units of the World Series by Renault, the infernally loud 12-cylinder Superleague Formula engines and, of course, the breathtaking and incomparably high-revving ten-cylinder engines of Formula 1 literally scream together. All together they offer action-packed, fast and vocal motorsport at its finest, which is unrivalled in this form in the global motorsport universe.



The entry list is filled with an impressive mix of the fastest and loudest formula cars from almost every top category worldwide. The drivers can't wait for the green light to appear on the starting lights and to put the pedal to the metal for another spectacular BOSS GP season!

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