Aussteller Stände bei der Nürburgring Classic

Exhibitors and dealers, service providers and suppliers are welcome to apply for dealer placements in a dealer area at the Nürburgring Classic 2024 from May 24 - 26. Set-up day is May 23, 2024.



Coffee bars and shopping tents in the paddock

There are a number of different dealer areas with a colorful range of products - each always with central cafe bars - and there is also a concentrated area under the heading "Fashion District" as a new area for all fashion and clothing themes and ingredients around the theme "Classic Automobile"- stylish clothing and accessories. In addition - as successfully introduced years ago - a "Food Court" with street food vans and a wide range of products will also be presented.

The dealer areas are located exclusively in the spacious Grand Prix paddock / new paddock between the two wide main driving lanes. The areas are always decorated and designed. In regular intervals to paddocks and paddock parts, the areas are all to be seen with the same attractiveness.


Lifestyle meets Drivestyle

The exhibition of special topics also additionally "garnishes" the areas here. For example, in 2024 there will again be the meeting of historic race transporters and service vehicles as part of the Nürburgring Classic - The Race Event.

In the midst of the paddock with the driving lanes for the racing vehicles and the paddock connections for participants and teams, the areas with street cafe character are attractive places to linger, browse and buy - yet the visitor is captured by the atmosphere of a paddock with automotive classics as surroundings. This is where lifestyle and drivestyle meet. Here you can enjoy a journey back in time to the legendary race track.



Exhibitors and dealers

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