Grand Prix Track Masters 2

Enter now! | Grand Prix Course | Fridays | 45 minutes | 195,00 Euro

On Friday, the first regularity runs / GLP start at the Nürburgring Classic on the Grand Prix circuit of the Eifel race track. The perfect opportunity to leave everyday life behind and tackle the weekend in style as a "Driver". Pilot your vehicle on the race track. 

The second regularity test on the Grand Prix circuit on Friday

Who was already earlier on Friday in the "GLP Track Masters 1" at the start has here the possibility with a second participation to make the day round. There are also further opportunities to start in the regularity runs on Saturday and Sunday. Multiple starters are welcome at the Nürburgring Classic in any case.



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Ford Capri RS / Cannoneer Photography

Drive your classic car over the Formula 1 track

As part of the Nürburgring Classic, the true "GLP Track Masters" will be sought in this GLP. It's all about accuracy and speed and to conquer the Grand Prix course as a real "Weekend Hero".

  • Driving time on the Grand Prix circuit: 45 minutes.
  • Maximum number of starters: 65 vehicles.
  • Allowed are vehicles with official registration with type introduction from 1948 to model year 1994.
  • Convertibles and roadsters may enter open in this GLP.
  • Times per lap: minimum 2:42 min and maximum 4:54 min.
  • Further details: see announcement.
  • The entry fee is 165,00 Euro - the cars can start with driver and co-driver.
  • The paddock for the "GLP Track Masters": The own paddock in the area of the Grand Prix paddock.
  • Driver and co-driver licenses are required. Attention. The purchase of day licenses on site is not possible - but only with the APP of the DMSB.

Sprint with like-minded people in your own classic car around the Grand Prix circuit of the Nürburgring, where Formula 1 usually does its laps.

Take on the sporting competition and become part of the great national and international driving community in the green hell of the Eifel.