Nordschleifen Experience

Enter now! | Nordschleife | Saturday | 60 Minutes | 235,00 Euro

Classic cars starter fields with driving fun on the Nordschleife. The "Green Hell" as a compulsory program for fast rides as part of the Nürburgring Classic.

Can be combined with the Experience Nordschleife XXL for a special price (total €465,00)

Experience the Nordschleife yourself

This "natural habitat" for the classics is actually only opened once a year in an event with single-variety starting fields: In the motorsport meeting "Nürburgring Classic", there are also again the fast drives through the green hell as "Experience Nordschleife" organized like test and setting drives or "free driving" as a starting opportunity at separate times.

A must for every classic car owner

If one has booked otherwise already once "tourist journeys" so the participation together with same spirit and the desire still more driving fun on the north loop to enjoy and still more feeling for the "green hell" to get, is a "must" for each old timer owner.

The Experience XL on the Nordschleife promises 60 minutes of driving fun for 235.00 euros. The starters at the Experience XL are participants with their vehicles in the paddocks of the Nürburgring Classic in the Grand Prix paddock.


Experience Nordschleife

All documents and forms on our entry platform

Experience-Nordschleife Ford Capri

Experience is not without its rules - the most important ones are summarized here.

Participation requirements for you and your vehicle:

  • Vehicles with a registration according to STVZO incl. 07 license plate (no racing or formula vehicles!).
  • Road tires are mandatory, treadless tires are not allowed.
  • The race track must be driven on in such a way as to avoid endangering other participants. The same applies to overtaking.
  • Think of your own safety.
  • Helmets for drivers and co-drivers are mandatory.
  • Minimum age for drivers, they must have reached the age of 18.
  • Co-drivers must have reached the age of 12.
  • Driver and co-driver must sign a liability waiver. For underage co-drivers, the signature of the parent or guardian is mandatory.
  • The driver must be in possession of a valid driver's license of at least level B and present it before the start.
  • Vehicles up to model year 1994 are admitted. Exceptions to this may be permitted by the organizing DAMC 05, taking into account certain vehicle series with models also from later years - but the type introduction before or up to 1994.
  • Only those who are already in possession of a valid entry ticket can participate in the Brand Club Experience.
  • Membership of a brand club is not required.
  • The organizer decides on participation

For amateur starters and classic car owners, this is one of the most beautiful ways to experience the Nürburgring with its legendary Nordschleife at first hand and unforgettably during experience drives in the "Green Hell" as well as during "free driving" in your own sporty vehicle. Fabulous moments of memory are waiting for you.

This part can be combined at the special price of 465,00 € with the Experience Nordschleife XXL on Sunday.